X-Man Bell Magnetic Pyraminx V2

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Magnets: Factory Magnetized
x-man-bell-magnetic-pyraminx-v2 x-man-bell-magnetic-pyraminx-v2
Factory Magnetized
Version: Build Your Own
Build Your Own
Not lubricated or tensioned
$ 16.95
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Highly recommended! Lubrication of pieces & springs. Tensions set to reduce popping and improve stability.
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The X-Man Bell Magnetic Pyraminx V2 is an innovative update of one of the most popular pyraminx! The Bell V2 is the first pyraminx to offer an adjustable magnet system that is easily adjusted and will actually move the magnet closer or farther from the core to make the magnets stronger or weaker.

There are three magnet settings for the inner layers:

" - " = Light

" . " = Moderate

" + " = Strong

The inner layer magnets are easily adjusted using the included phillips screwdriver.

To adjust the outer tip strength, you can use the 12 extra included magnets to "double stack" the magnets, thus making them stronger.

Note: the included screwdriver includes different bits that are not all compatible with this puzzle. You will only need the default phillips head to adjust this puzzle.

Included accessories: Screwdriver, extra magnets for the tips

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