GAN 12 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev UV Coated)

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GAN 12 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev UV Coated) is here to refine the way that you speed solve. With two different versions to choose from (Leap or MagLev), the GAN 12 includes lots of new features.

Version comparison
Exterior UV coated Frosted
Core Magnetic repulsion Numerical GTN
Auto Aligning Enhanced (30 degrees+) Enhanced
Weight 66g 61g


Exterior finishes
  UV Frosted
Texture High gloss finish Smooth
Grip High Medium
Availability MagLev MagLev, Leap


UV Coating
  • High gloss exterior finish, improved grip
MagLev features
  • Magnetic repulsion technology
  • Enhanced core positioning 2.0 auto aligning technology
  • No springs required
  • Faster turning feel
Accessories included
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Storage box (version 8)
  • Adjustment components
  • Beginner & CFOP tutorial
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Laura G.
Great Cube, but prefer the Gan 14

This is a great cube, fast, controllable, and worth the money

Jennifer D.
Amazing Cube and is now my main. I love this cube for it is easy to control and fat moving.

Amazing cube would recommend fir literally everyone. The price is a bit much though.

best gan ever

so good i love it

Demetrios S.
Goat GAN 3x3

The GAN 12 maglev is, in my opinion, the best 3x3 ever. It's similar to the 11 and 14, but has slight differences that still make a big difference. If you want your gan 12 to be like some pro cube solvers' 12's, you can put the settings to Tymon Kolashinski's settings when he broke the average world record, and you can put in the lubricants Nebula and Martian to replicate Tymon's Cubicle lubes. My overall experience with this cube is superb, and I really recommend adding PVC coating to it to get the best performance.

Orion E.
Gan 12 Maglev

Great cube out of the box with amazing factory settings. After using the out of box settings for a little while I actually switched them to make it feel a lot like the Moyu Rs 3m Maglev, which really excited me because that was my previous main.

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