YJ YuPo V2 2x2 Magnetic

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The YuPo 2x2 used to dominate the budget market, so we are excited that the YuPo received a refresh! The YJ YuPo V2 2x2 Magnetic retains a similar feel to the original but feels slightly more flexible. The addition of light-strength magnets improves turning and stability.


Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
good 2x2

This cube is very good, my first magnetic 2x2 and it did not disappoint me.


Super loud

Mandy P.
Best 2x2!

This 2x2 turns so smoothly! It's the perfect replacement for my original 2x2 that is worn and isn't the best for speed cubing.

Jake J.
Absolute best 2x2

This is an amazing 2x2! This is better than most $20 ones I had. Best deal.

Pretty good

This cube is a great starter for people new to 2x2, it has decent corner cutting and feels great out of the box. Lubing it with Lunar or Martian gives it great speed, but I think Martian is better due to the control it gives. The one flaw I've found with the cube is it will lock up on a very small corner cut every once in a while, and it completely stops all turning until you take pressure off the cube. All in all great to start with but once you get around 7 seconds or want to learn a faster method (i.e. EG1 [I use Ortega because I'm too lazy to learn more algs]) I would recommend buying the MGC Elite or the Valk.

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