Cosmic Lube Sampler

Cosmic Lube Sampler


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Having a hard time deciding? Well why not try all of them and save 25% off? Our Cosmic lubes have been taking the cubing community by a storm and are receiving amazing reviews! Each lubricant is engineered to give your puzzle a unique feel -- you can also mix lubricants to completely customize the feel of your speedcube. So what are they?

LUNAR - Maximum speed

MARTIAN - Smooth and fast

GALAXY - The perfect mix of speed and control

NEBULA - Quick and controllable with a hint of gumminess

Cosmic Lubes are the perfect solution for maintaining and enhancing the performance of your puzzles or speedcubes. Get your set today and feel the difference!
WARNING: While these lubricants are safe to handle and ingest, please refrain from doing so. If lubricant gets in contact with your eyes, flush with lukewarm water for 30 minutes and contact a doctor if necessary.

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