LanLan 2x2 Dodecahedron

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The 2x2 Dodecahedron by LanLan is a very well built puzzle. Out of the box the layer rotations are swishy and smooth.

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I judged a book by its cover...

The LanLan 2x2 Dodecahedron is difficult for me. Considering I can't even solve a regular 2x2, I dunno why I thought this would be easy. OATB (out of the box) it turns awful. Worse than my Rubiks brand 2x2, but after about a few hours, it turns, okish. I have had no problems with the caps popping off, yet. Overall I recomend it, but don't buy it if you think it looks easy...

Connie H.
Very nice product

I am enjoying my LanLan 2x2. The pro setup is great. It is smooth turning with no lock ups. I highly recommend this puzzle.

Benjamin M.
Super fun!

This cube makes a two by two a little more challenging, and a little more fun to solve. It turns pretty well, and lube can help it if it needs to be better.


This is an interesting looking shape mod. The caps do pop off sometimes but it only really does it if your grip on the cube is tight. Other wise it's got nice turning and if my mom would let me I'd probably buy another XD

Ahmed N.
Nice Shape Mod

This puzzle is a really nice shape mod that can be even better with some better turning , however its still a pretty fun puzzle to solve

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