DaYan TengYun V2 3x3 Magnetic

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DaYan TengYun V2 3x3 Magnetic is a very exciting release! DaYan used to be known for their world-class speedcubes so seeing them integrate new technology and designs to their speedcubes is fantastic (just like the performance)! What is cool about the TengYun V2 is that you can adjust the core elasticity and spring compression just by using the included tool. Easy! If you are a fan of the buttery smooth turning found in the GuHong V3, you will want to give this a try!

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Customer Reviews

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It is good if it has some lube and it can is fast but I prefer almost any other cube.

Great value cube

This was my first time spending a decent chunk of money of a speed cube and I have to say I am impressed. It has so much customization and it can taylor to any cubing style. On top of that it is a very smooth and quiet cube which just adds to the benefits. The only downside is the core adjustments can be slightly confusing but when you firgure it out it is great i would definitely recommend it for the price.

Very good cube for the price

I got this as my first speed cube and was very happy

There’s quite a few customisation options, although the setting of tension and center travel where difficult to change and sometimes would move both when I was only trying to move one but overall a good cube for the price and a good place to start

very good cube

This was my first speedcube. It's a good cube, with an adjustment system that works well and isn't very difficult to figure out. I got my first sub- 15 on it. I haven't tried to V1 or V3 to compare it to, but I do recommend this one.

Mike D.
A nice cube

I am going to compare this cube to the Tengyun V1 for anyone who, like me, enjoys the feeling of the V1 but wished it had stronger magnets. In comparing the two, the cubes feel quite different, and I much prefer the feeling of the V1.
Still, the V2 performs well so I am giving it a good star rating. It feels flexible yet controllable and can corner cut from anywhere. It is also quiet if you are looking for a quiet cube (so is the V1). I do find that while it has a lot of adjustable settings, the difference between them doesn't seem to have as large of a range as one would expect. I have it on all the tightest settings and strongest magnets and it still feels fairly flexible. So, while the V2 is a decent cube in its own right, if you are looking for the epic feeling of the V1 but with stronger magnets--it isn't this cube.

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