Ninja Ghost Cube 3x3

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A frightening surprise awaits with the Ninja Ghost Cube 3x3. This take on the ghost cube includes smooth rotations and a durable design making this item very desirable for enthusiasts.

Included Accessories:
Gold Sticker Set (not included with transparent or galactic version)
Silver Sticker Set (not included with transparent or galactic version)
Cube Stand
...

Customer Reviews

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Justin W.
Expensive but what a fun challenge! A good step for anyone looking to move beyond a mirror cube

It's a little bit expensive for what you get, especially the solid black version but I genuinely enjoyed solving this puzzle. Currently it's probably my favorite puzzle to relax and take my time with that's outside of the Minx family. The turning is smooth, just don't count on being able to corner cut or you're gonna have a bad time. I'd recommend being careful with how you hold it. It tends to slip out of your hands much like a skewb if you're not prepared.

It was a lot of fun to have to think my way through this puzzle. It's nowhere near as hard as figuring out the Puppet 2 (nor as good of value), but it still forced me to think a little differently without getting frustrating. It felt a lot like learning how to cube all over again. I think I might have to buy the single color, non-galaxy version as well for the added challenge.

Overall I'd say 4-stars is fair based on the high price, decent quality, and the amount of fun I had with this puzzle.

The ghost cube is probably my top candidate as the next puzzle I magnetize to help with alignment and negate some of the total lack of corner cutting. I'd say the price would be fair if it was for a magnetic version. However, unlike with most other puzzles, I feel like for the ghost cube that's part of the challenge so I'll probably keep a non-magnetic one kicking around.

David P.
Not that great

This cube falls apart too easily. You have to be way to carful and slow to keep it together.


Tingman solved it it should be a WCA event


I was able to successfully solve it, but the rotation of the center pieces threw me off a little bit. The galactic pattern looks amazing and it turns smooth. It locks up a bit and is awkward to hold onto at times which seems to be normal given that the edges have to line up. Corner cutting is definitely not recommended. This is very challenging for a 3x3 mod and took some time to solve!

Eli J.N.
Good Ghost Cube, with few issues

The Ninja Ghost Cube is a good challenging puzzle and turns great for what essentially is a copy of another great cube, not without it's faults that is. The center pieces fall very easily, even if I use the cube very carefully. This problem might be just me, but one of the stickers was positioned badly and quickly fell of, which sucks. Still a good buy, but be careful of these things before buying.

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