QiYi Axis Cube

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The QiYi Axis Cube is a fun 3x3 shape mod that is solved by shape and color! The crazy shapes that this puzzle can turn into making it a fun challenge and features very smooth turning!
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This one breaks my brain. So hard to wrap my head around this functions like a 3x3 but with the colors moved a quarter over and the cube lines skewed.


I was fascinated by this idea after picking up a dreadful one a year ago so I bought this, easily the best-value axis cube there is. Turning is so very smooth, I think the tensions are perfect, if you're serious about solving it I'd recommend putting in some slower lube but can't imagine anyone speedsolves this, it's more for the challenge. Very robust design, probably thanks to the torpedoes, I've noticed a lot of budget non-wca puzzles don't have them but they make this one very durable. Would highly recommend especially for the incredible price

Fun 3x3 mod

Very fun 3x3 shape mod and more challenging than it would seem

Love this cube…

This one turns like Qiyi’s Dino Cube. It needs a little lube. Feels weird turning. Definitely a little challenging Cube. I want a spare one before scrambling this one as it transforms into some really odd shapes like the Mirror Cube.

You want a challenge and this one says Hold my beer. 😂

Pretty neat, hard to get a hang of.

I got this on a whim, and a friend had one and was asking for help with it. I like shape mods and thought this would be a nice addition. I think I should have bought the stickered version instead of stickerless since it may make the piece and layer recognition a little easier. The shape mod is pretty hard to wrap your head around, and the layers move around pretty easily if you aren't holding it well, making you mess things up. It solves the same as a 3x3 but the orientation is quite strange.

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