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The Color Brick Speed Cube is a fun, unique speedcube for everyone! Don't be fooled by the appearance, this is actually a fully-operational, smooth turning speed cube with an adjustable screw/spring core and corner-cutting of up to 45 degrees!

The ability to add and remove the color bricks in different configurations makes this speed cube unique as it can be used as a trainer cube to practice specific parts of a solve or you can arrange the colors to your preference!

The fun doesn't end there! Being compatible with generic color bricks, you can add on different color bricks to make unique, fun designs!

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Customer Reviews

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Declan P.
Nice for the collection

Pretty cool cube. Definitely only made for collectors as it doesn't turn too great and locks up sometimes. I still recommend.


wish it turned better but theres so much you can do with this cube like just having f2l practice or cross practice etc or even bandaging


This cube is great for training F2L, OLL, and PLL, but the centers don't come out at all, despite there being notes to take them out. The corner-cutting is also really bad.

Janis R.
I really love this cube!

This cube is really nice! And it can corner cut!


This cube turn really well, add some lub and this is almost a speed cube (that's the only reason I give it 2 stars). The down side on it is that, first, the pieces are to far from each other so you can't attach other bigger lego pieces between the gaps. So I don't understand why the lego pieces that came with it are not flat tiles. Also, I don't know if it's me but once that I put the lego "stickers" on the cube, they became IMPOSSIBLE to disasemble, even with some special lego tools. So I can't really play with it, like (I think) it was suposed to be. This cube was a good idea on paper though.

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