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YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic is a smash hit and even rivals higher-end 2x2 speedcubes despite the low price point. Overview Dry, fast turning Flexible, stable mechanism Controllable Accessories included Springs Washers Magnets
$ 9.95
MoYu MeiLong 2x2 Magnetic
MoYu MeiLong 2x2 Magnetic has remained one of the most popular 2x2s since its release in 2020. Key features Factory-installed magnets for smoother, more controllable turning Overview Smooth, clacky turning feel Accessories included Display stand Screwdriver
$ 6.95
YJ MGC Elite 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC Elite 2x2 Magnetic is the world's first 2x2 to feature a center-edge magnet design which is really cool! The Elite is the smoothest turning 2x2 in our opinion and the lightweight design is stable and easy to handle....
$ 19.95
MoYu RS2 M Evolution 2x2 Magnetic
MoYu RS2 M Evolution 2x2 Magnetic is the new and improved 2x2 variant of the immensely popular "RS" lineup from MoYu.  Key features Dual-adjustment core for independent spring compression & tension Anti-popping design Overview Easy to customize 5 spring compression settings...
$ 9.95
YJ YuPo V2 2x2 Magnetic
The YuPo 2x2 used to dominate the budget market, so we are excited that the YuPo received a refresh! The YJ YuPo V2 2x2 Magnetic retains a similar feel to the original but feels slightly more flexible. The addition of...
$ 6.95
GAN 251 2x2 Magnetic (Air)
GAN 251 2x2 Magnetic (Air) is a 2021 update that builds upon everything you loved in the previous GAN 251. Version comparison   Air Pro Leap Adjustable magnets - Yes Yes Magnetic core - Yes Yes Auto-alignment - - Yes...
$ 23.95
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