DaYan TengYun Plus 2x2 Magnetic

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Martian Lubricant

The DaYan TengYun Plus 2x2 Magnetic includes new upgrades that make the TengYun 2x2 competitive with current releases.

Key features
  • Adjustable magnets (3 strengths)
  • Edge/center magnets
  • Effortless and smooth turning feel
  • Magnetic adjustments are fast and easy. Use the included tool to rotate the center "hex" clockwise to pick between setting 1, 2, or 3.
  • Setting 1 = Strong magnetic feel
  • Setting 2 = Moderate magnetic feel
  • Setting 3 = Light magnetic feel
Accessories included
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Magnet adjustment tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Solve guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Has potential

I was looking for a new main after my qiyi ms broke, and I got this. In some ways, it has what I'm looking for, but in other ways, it doesn't fit my likings too well. The adjustable magnets won't really come in handy, because the strongest setting feels a bit moderate. The cube performs really good out of the box, but I added some martian to make it feel better. The cube is really good, but it's struggling to become my new main. The feel is weird, but the performance is fine. if you prefer feel over performance, get the ms, or a gan if you're rich. Overall, it's good, but I'm not totally blown away.


It’s really fast but kind of unstable but really good

great 2x2

the magnets stenght is perfect out of the box and is overall great

Super good

Quiet quick and worth it my only problem was that i had to clean the cube because there was so much factory lube

Jack M.
Really good

This 2x2 is really good. The magnets are adjustable which is nice and its very fast out of the box. The black internals look really good and it has dry feeling. This is now my main 2x2 it performs exactly how I would want it to

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