DianSheng 7x7 Magnetic

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DianSheng 7x7 Magnetic is a nice option for speedcubers who are looking for a more stable feel.

Compared to other 7x7's in the same price range, DianSheng's model does exceptionally well at inspiring confidence with every turn while reducing the chance of a pesky "pop" from happening.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Decent 7x7

This cube is very good for a budget 7x7. It's not all that bad if you don't take 7x7 seriously. If you turn it too fast out of the box, then it may pop on you, but once tightened, the chances of that are slim, but will slow you down a bit. I recommend this cube unless you are taking 7x7 seriously.

Great magnetic budget cube!

I have had a rather good experience with this cube, it is not too tight out of the box, and after about one year, it is still not too tight where it ruins the turning, and not too loose where pieces pop out constantly. It is right at the perfect tension and I have never experienced a bad lockup or any popping. It has a great smooth feel when you solve it and the magnets are strong throughout all layers. If you are focused on speed however, it doesn’t have the greatest corner cutting but it is perfect for simple relaxed solves. Highly recommend.

Good enough

It's a good enough 7x7 when set up well. It's not the best for speedsolving but usually you're not speedsolving 7x7's and just solving it for fun and it's good for it's price.


It’s very stiff out of the box and I don’t know how to fix that.

Decent For the Price

For the price it's a decent 7x7 but the second outer layer always has some catching issue for me. Out of box it's really dry and stiff but not horrible. If you have the budget I'd recommend you buy the mgc.

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