DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 Magnetic

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DianSheng Galaxy 10x10 Magnetic is the industry's first factory-magnetized 10x10!

Key features
  • Light-strength magnets for accurate and smoother turning
  • Wider outer layers for better grip and stability
  • Exposed magnetic capsules
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Super smooth turning
  • Black or primary internals
  • Beautiful display box
Accessories included
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Display stand
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning cloth
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dan Y.
Best 10x10 for stability and handling

I have multiple big cubes. My hands get tired spinning the bigger cubes. This one is small for a 10x10 and comfortable to spin for a solve in just under an hour. . I have the MoFang 10x10. This one is slightly smaller, so it is easier to handle. The middle photo shows the two cubes side-by-side. The magnets are strong, so it is a little stiff in spots. It's a very nice cube and my favorite 10x10 due to the easy handling and stability in the inner layers.

Expensive, but worth it

I got a diansheng 10x10 with primary internals. It turns extremely well, in comparison to my meilong 9x9. Inside the box (new version) you get pull-out 2 shelves. On the top shelf you get the cube, and on the bottom you get accessories: cloth, screwdriver, stand, and giant cube bag(i was able to fit the 10x10, a pyraminx, a 2x2 with no problem at the same time). The box is nice and magnetic and not worth throwing away.
Lets look at the cube. The cube is around 75 millimeters, and feels very easy to turn all layers on demand, although the middle layers are quite hard to turn, otherwithse, the 3x3 layers are amazing, and after break in, i was able to do the M U h perm with finger tricks. The 10x10 feels quite smooth, a big improvement over the cheap feel of the meilong series. The layers after break in feel almost the same. The magnets are the difference of a lifetime, though, which is one of the reasons to buy this 10x10.
The cube hardly ever pops, so no problems with that.
The cube is quite easy to hold with a glossy finish, and small. The plastic overall feels amazing and doesnt feel like a budget brand(because it isnt). The color shades are rich and dark and look better then colors on a meilong or other brands, the outer layer is slightly concaved, which, in my opinion adds to the feel of the premiumness.
In conclusion, this cube is a must have in the collection of anyone who likes big cubes, since non magnetic big cubes turn that audience away. I hope my review helps.


It’s a high quality cube. Magnets give it that satisfying click to it. Colors are vibrant. Keep in mind that you can’t speed solve cubes this big, not because is not smooth, but because pieces might pop out. So just carefully turn it.

A beast to solve!

Massive puzzle and a great one to solve if you're looking for a challenge. Only thing with my cube was that I had a magnet pop out when turning it for the first time. I was able to pop it back in and have had no other issues with it.

Cody N.
Great cube

Was very surprised at how smooth and effortless it was to turn. Would highly recommend for a 10x10 its a great cube magnets help it a lot. Pieces have come out but that was on me because I turned it wrong so just pay attention to your turns.

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