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The ShengShou Pillowed 10x10 is ShengShou's updated version! Featuring a smaller, compact pillowed design and vibrant stickerless color shades with a frosted look this is quite the upgrade! The turning is very smooth and the puzzle is overall easy to handle.


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Customer Reviews

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Dan Y.
Nice cube - a little stiff but spins fine

Nice cube. Arrived today and my first solve was 1 hour 15 minutes. It is a little sticky at times, which is expected for a larger cube. I patiently straightened everything when it bound a little and it kept on spinning. It is a little larger than I expected - makes my hands a little sore after an hour plus of spinning.

Phillip E.
Obviously not speedsolve worthy but who speedsolves 10x10s?

Fine enough cube for solving, but because rigidity of inner most layers and the ease with which this cube pops little wings if your turning isn't 100% on point it makes it honestly a pain to solve. Haven't gone through one solve without a piece coming out. Good for just the casual person who wants the challenge of being able to solve a 10x10 but again not speedsolve worthy. Have done about 10 solves on it and it takes me <30 minutes each time.

Don't plan on using the inner layers.

Wrote a review on the 8x8 as well. My odd ordered shengshous are fantastic. The even ordered ones are painfully awful. The inner layers feel superglued together or like there is a **** driving into them making them extremely difficult to turn. I definitely recommend the 9x9 and 11x11, just not the 8x8 or 10x10.

In case of a problem

I have had a 10 x 10 and an 8 x 8. They are great. But, if a color pops off like it did to me, you can re-insert it easily since the cube is made of plastic. It works great. If the cube gets jammed, you can pull the square out of the cube, then angle the slice so that it stands off the square of the cube, then, spread the slice apart so that you can see where the missing square fits in and then snap the square in. For me it has happened on both cubes and each time I was able to fix it. Great cube.

Andre M.
SengShou 10x10 review (no I don’t work for these guys lmao)

Product arrived very quickly (3 business days) and it came in perfect condition. The quality of the stickerless pieces was perfect, and there were no discoloration or chipping on any piece. The puzzle itself was also a joy, I solved it on a 11 hr plane flight and it showed no problems during the solve. The cube turns with a smooth kinda crunchy feel and is very stable, I was able to corner cut about 2 pieces without having to force it. No pops or lockup’s during the solve and all around an excellent big cube that I would recommend to any big cube solvers. THIS PUZZLE IS ALSO VERY SMALL IN COMPARISON TO OTHER 10x10’s!!!
Not a problem tho, it makes it easier to grip and u are able to solve in ur hands, not on table or lap. Overall great product

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