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The ShengShou Pillowed 11x11 is ShengShou's updated version! Featuring a smaller, compact pillowed design and vibrant stickerless color shades with a frosted look this is quite the upgrade! The turning is very smooth and the puzzle is overall easy to handle.

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Great 11x11!

This cube turns pretty good but every once in a while it will lock up. It is easy to hold because it is pillowed and it is only a little bit bigger than my 7x7. It can pop occasionally but it is easy to put the pieces back in. this only happened once during my solve and it was one of the center pieces. The packaging is secure and padded so you wont have to worry about a broken cube from the shipping. Overall if you have the money, you should buy this cube.

Tracy G.
ShengShou Pillowed 11x11 review

Overall experience is good. This is NOT a speedcube. You WILL pop a part or two out of it occasionally if you treat it like a speedcube. This is likely an issue with all of the cubes larger than 7x7. My solve time is slow, avg 45 mins. 7x7 avg is 12 mins. Lots of fun.

Really good

I think that this Shenshou 11x11 was ok, but not the best cube ever! Efter way if i was you i would buy it right now! You get really good service and overall a very good purchase!

gilles t.
Perfect except for shipment, was

Perfect except for shipment, was great inside US but awful in europe. i recommand not using european post office, which are not having close relation with custom. We had to pay custom while we should not for the price of the device. and had to wait 10 days for custom clearance. You have to find a way if you want to export to europe, otherwise it was great

Good very good

I love this cube I’ve solved it 2 times with no trouble and no pops the texture of the cube is good to I lost my hopes for shengshou because I got some cubes one time and that were not good but I bought this and shengshou is one of my main brands now so thanks SpeedCubeShop

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