DianSheng 8-Corner Hexagonal Dipyramid - Black
$ 11.95
DianSheng 8-Corner Hexagonal Dipyramid - Black
This puzzle will provide a fun challenge for any puzzle solver. Be sure to also check out the 4-corner and 6-corner variants to complete your collection!
$ 11.95
DianSheng 6-Corner Hexagonal Dipyramid - Black
Take on the challenge of the 6-corner hexagonal dipyramid! This interesting puzzle will be a great addition to your collection, be sure to add the 4-corner and 8-corner variant as well!
$ 9.95
DianSheng 4-Corner Hexagonal Dipyramid - Black
So you can solve a 3x3, now it is time to try out this 3x3 variant! This item has smooth rotation and will be a fun challenge.
$ 8.95
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