YJ ZhiSu Mini (56mm) 4x4 Magnetic

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YJ ZhiSu Mini (56mm) 4x4 Magnetic is the industry's first mini 4x4 that actually performs well! The ZhiSu is incredibly impressive and feels just like a mini MGC 4x4. The factory-installed magnets feel great and are the same moderate strength throughout the inner and outer layers and the corner cutting is incredible at almost 45 degrees which is substantially more than a standard 4x4.


Customer Reviews

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Levi M.
Great budget cube

My second 4x4, better than my first by miles. I love this cube and it is so fun to solve.

Not Bad

3.5/5 I Switched to this from the Meilong magnetic 4x4, its much faster and has
stronger magnets, i much prefer that combination, but it does have problems,
it pops pretty easily, i don't know why they designed it like this it pops a decent
amount of the time, i still think its better then the meilong, i also dont like
how they market this as a "Mini mgc 4x4" i do not have the mgc yet
but i assume from other reviews and the performance of the mgc 5x5
that its completely different from this, i think its ok as long as you don't turn
to fast or corner cut to much.


This cube is small for 4by4 but it is fast. So this is petty good for beginners just starting learning.


Ive used this cube for awhile. My issue is that its lockups are really bad. But, Im gonna get the MGC. This cube is great for someone who doesnt turn fast and/or has smaller hands, my hands are growing now so its gonna be tougher to use it. The thing though is you should just get the 4x4 mgc. The price increase is minimal, and its gonna just end up probably being better for the long term

Eduardo C.
Best cube if your hands are small.

I bought this cube to see if it could solve the rs4m's problem. the rs4's problem is the unacceptable 62mm size for me I opened it and loved the size and turning. it does not catch like the rs4.
it is my new main 4x4 by a lot.

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