GAN 11 Pro 3x3 Magnetic
GAN 11 Pro 3x3 Magnetic is GAN cube's 2020 flagship model and has continued to be the choice of many speedcubers since its release. The great thing about the GAN 11 M Pro is that it is great for any...
starting at $ 54.95
GAN Pyraminx Magnetic (Enhanced)
GAN Pyraminx Magnetic is a ground-breaking release from GAN! GAN's of the pyraminx features an all-new core-edge magnetic positioning system which greatly improves the feel and performance! You will find many of your favorite GAN technology in this puzzle such...
starting at $ 28.95
GAN 251 Leap 2x2 Magnetic
GAN 251 Leap 2x2 Magneticis a 2021 update that builds upon everything you loved in the previous GAN 251. Leap version features adjustable magnet strength and adapts the corner/core magnet system from the GAN 11 M Pro along with "large-angle magnetic...
starting at $ 39.95
MoYu YS3 M 3x3 Magnetic
MoYu YS3 M 3x3 Magnetic is a collaboration between the 3.47-second world record holder, YuSheng Du, and MoYu. Version comparison   Magnetic MagLev Ball-Core MagLev - Yes Yes Magnetic core - - Yes Total magnets 48 60 76 Auto alignment -...
starting at $ 14.95
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