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SpeedStacks (G4) Timer
The SpeedStacks G4 Timer includes similar features to the previous models like the ability to save personal best times and connect to a computer or display.  Additionally, the G4 is a completely revamped design that is optimized for cubing.  By having...
$ 34.95
SpeedStacks G5 Pro Timer | SpeedCubeShop SpeedStacks G5 Pro Timer | SpeedCubeShop
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SpeedStacks (G5 Pro) Timer
The SpeedStacks G5 Pro Timer is a fresh re-design of the immensely popular, SpeedStacks timer with tons of new features! New features: No more accidental timer resets! Both power and reset buttons must be held for a half-second before they...
$ 32.95
SpeedStacks Tournament Display Pro
SpeedStacks Tournament Display Pro (TD Pro) plugs into the SpeedStacks Timer and displays the solve time in large illuminated digits that are visible up to 100 feet away. This is the official display used in World Cube Association (WCA) Rubik's Cube...
$ 139.95
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