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Our Legacy Blindfold is super comfy and designed to contour to your face making it impossible to see out of.

If you like to blind solve, this is a great option if you are looking for something stylish, versatile, and comfortable for long periods of time.

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Customer Reviews

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why are you looking at the reviews for a blindfold cuh 🔥

Bad Quality Good Service

The strap broke the first time I used it so I asked for a replacement and got it without paying extra.

John b.

I'll say that The mask is very comfortable, but the fact that the straps broke first time using it makes me VERY DISAPPOINTED

Gets the job done

It gets the job done but you can visually see that it is a cheaper material and has two thin elastic straps.

Maxim P.
Breaks super easily, cheap and bad material

To start up, im a big fan of SCS and like their products. I ordered the blindfold recently, but at my 3rd use 1 of the straps (2 thin straps) ripped off.
now, 1 week later, another one ripped off too.

Im young and my head is very small, so i cant imagine how it would be with a big head.

of course its an easy fix if you have a sewing set, but at this point i can sew my own.
currently its kind of holding together, but the ends of all 4 straps are extremely thin due to it starting to rip apart.

SpeedCubeShop, make it double the price i dont care, but dont cheap out on it.
Its my only blindfold, so ill probably order a better one, im too scared of it breaking at my comp very soon.

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