GAN 11 Air 3x3

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Stardust Lubricant

The GAN 11 Air 3x3 is a stripped-down, light-weight, version of the flagship GAN 11 M Pro that does not include magnets or the GES Pro core adjustment system.

Rather than the dual-adjustment that the GES Pro system offers, the Air includes the GES+ system which brings us back to a single adjustment with different GES springs available to provide a different feel through a harder or softer spring.

While this may not be good news for some, this is great for DIY'ers who can magnetize their own cubes or simply just want a cube that feels nice and is simple to adjust.

Included extras

  • Shell case
  • Cube bag
  • Beginner & CFOP tutorial

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Nathaniel U.
Im just stupid

i got it in a bundle and thought it was magnetic, turns out it wasnt but it was still overall a good cube and i broke my record on it.

great for a non magnetic cube

It's great for a non-magnetic cube. Really light and surprisingly controllable. I actually find it more controllable than some magnetic ones after putting in some lube.

Great Light Feeling

This cube was very light,fast and glides through turns with ease. But in my opion it's to loose and uncontrollable, the price is to high to. Just get a cube like Jperm's Rs3m to get your money worth.

Thanks Matt

Not that good.

The GES inside the cube is loose and the cube just breaks!
Also the magnet power is very less.

Best Speedcube

It is the best speedcube for 19 dollars !!!!!!!

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