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Get comfortable because there is a lot to unpack with the GAN's 2020 flagship -- the GAN 11 M Pro 3x3!

Magnetic Positioning System

The biggest feature in our opinion is the switch to an industry-first corner/core magnet positioning system. Made up of 64 magnets total, the feel of this new system is very different from a traditional corner/edge set up.

The magnet strength of the core can be interchanged for lighter or stronger magnets and the corner piece magnets can be easily adjusted by toggling the "switch" between light, moderate, and strong for maximum customization.

New Exterior "Finishes"

The "Soft" finish is a super soft, rubber feel similar to some computer accessories but does not offer very good grip. Available exclusively with "primary" plastic internals.

The "UV Coated" finish is a high-gloss, grippy feel that is more resistant against scratching and is available exclusively with "primary" plastic internals.

The "Frosted" finish is what has been used on recent GAN releases and is available with either "primary" or "black" plastic internal pieces.

Core Adjustment

The same dual-adjustment core that originated in the XS is found in the 11 M Pro and allows for 24 different adjustment variations through 4 elasticity nut options and 6 spring compression choices.


A completely re-designed and easier to open to box houses the GAN 11 M Pro. Accompanied with dark blue elasticity nuts for the core adjustment, a screwdriver, alternate strength core magnets, a flathead screwdriver, and guides/pamphlets.

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