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FangShi Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere
The FangShi Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere is a very fun and interesting puzzle to solve! The internal "cubies" are different sizes so when rotated, the pieces do not align perfectly. The movement of this item is very smooth and swishy which...
$ 13.95
FangShi limCube 2x2 Transform Pyraminx (Rhombohedron)
The FangShi limCube 2x2 Transform Pyraminx (Rhombohedron) is a 2x2 pyraminx shape mod with an added challenge! The additional cuts allow for the tips to be rotated resulting in a more difficult scramble!  
$ 13.95
FangShi limCube 2x2 Frame Pyraminx
The 2x2 Frame Pyraminx is one of the most stunning looking puzzles and will fit right in to any collection! The mechanism of the fame pyraminx allows it to rotate very smoothly and can be scrambled thoroughly!
$ 18.95
FangShi XO Cube
FangShi XO Cube is a 3D printed puzzle that has an interesting feature -- only the centers rotate!
$ 55.95
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