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QiYi Mirror Blocks
The QiYi Mirror Blocks is based off of one of the most popular 3x3 shape-mods to date. QiYi's take on this puzzle resulted in ridiculously smooth layer rotations and stunning stickers. We also were excited to see two new plastic...
$ 5.95
ShengShou Mirror Blocks (2x2)
The ShengShou 2x2 Mirror Blocks is simply the 2x2 version of the traditional Mirror Blocks.  This puzzle moves very smoothly out of the box and is a fun shapeshifter.  Included: -1 ShengShou 2x2 Mirror Blocks Specifications:
$ 6.95
Z 1x3x3
The Z 1x3x3 is more than meets the eye. While appearing to be a simple puzzle, once scrambled this 1x3x3 can actually shape shift adding an additional challenge! This makes a great gift for family friends, or new puzzlers :)
$ 4.95
YJ Floppy Ghost Cube
The YJ Floppy Ghost Cube is a very interesting and cool concept of the traditional Ghost Cube puzzle. Just like a standard Ghost Cube, the YJ Floppy Ghost Cube is able to shape-shift making it a more difficult floppy cube...
$ 4.95
FangShi Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere
The FangShi Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere is a very fun and interesting puzzle to solve! The internal "cubies" are different sizes so when rotated, the pieces do not align perfectly. The movement of this item is very smooth and swishy which...
$ 13.95
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