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MoYu MeiLong 5x5 Magnetic
MoYu MeiLong 5x5 Magnetic has remained one of the most popular 5x5s since its release in 2020. Key features Factory-installed magnets for smoother, more controllable turning Overview Smooth, controllable turning feel Accessories included Display stand Screwdriver
$ 11.95
MoYu AoChuang WR M 5x5 Magnetic
MoYu AoChuang WR M 5x5 Magnetic is a major update to MoYu's 5x5 lineup! The buttery, fast, turning is very controllable and is complimented by factory-installed moderate strength magnets. The AoChuang WR M's confidence-inspiring, stable design makes speedsolving a breeze...
$ 39.95
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