QiYi MS 5x5 Magnetic

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QiYi MS 5x5 Magnetic Speedcube is a part of the new budget "MS" series! The MS series really took us by surprise as the amount of performance that you are getting for the price is an INSANE value. The turning of this 5x5 is very smooth and the moderate magnets do a great job of preventing lock-ups and overturning.


Customer Reviews

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Brenden H.

This product has great turning! I would definitely recommend this for a beginner.


I have just bought this since it has no logo. So i can use it for 5BLD when i learn 5BLD. And its very cheap!

good cube

As a non-cuber who understands cubing terms, this is a pretty good choice for a budget 5x5. The magnets are great, and i even took a look at the core. There was a lot of factory lube, but a good choice for simply just wanting a 5x5.

Amazing Budget 5x5

This 5x5, despite its price, performs extremely well! Out of the box it had factory lube all over it, so I had to wipe that off, but its first turns were amazing. Its turning is really smooth and is very satisfying, and the magnets improve the turning further. It is on the heavier side, but if you aren't going to be solving it many times in succession it should be completely fine. This puzzle rarely locks up; for a budget 5x5 this cube probably has some of the best turning. I would recommend this to anyone who simply wants a 5x5, but isn't too serious about solving fast.

Good but not perfect

Very heavy cube, not unusably so but not light either. The magnets are a great strength and to its credit, the cube is soo very smooth especially in the inner layers. Green face is a slightly odd shade, otherwise I have no complaints-smooth, good corner cutting, robust and very very few lockups. For its price I'd highly recommend this cube

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