QiYi OS Cube 2x2

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QiYi OS Cube 2x2 is an intriguing, unique puzzle!

  • Embedded tiles pop up or sink back into the piece depending how the layer is turned
  • The goal is to solve the cube by getting all of the tiles to sink into the pieces

Customer Reviews

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Soild puzzle

I got the solid purple version of this puzzle and it's been great. Even though I had seen videos of this before it never clicked in my head but this is not a normal 2x2 size, it is much larger, 66mm, about the same size as my 6x6. That said it turns great and the panels that pop out are nice and tactile. You could probably speed solve this if you wanted to and had the right method, but trying to look at it like a 2x2 and using some 2x2 algs usually works after a while to solve it.

My Opinion

I bought the cube a few weeks ago and it came recently. I was surprised, it is heavier than you might think and it's as big as a 6x6. But the cube turns well and the Functions of those popping pieces is really cool. Although I wouldn't buy any other version than the purple one, because I think 25$ are a bit much. Overall great.

Outside the box puzzle

Super fun puzzle. It is super unique in the scramble and solves. The overall turning isn't speedcube-y but it feels so good to turn in the hands with each snap. I especially like that it's a bigger 2x2. It makes me feel like a kid trying to solve a puzzle. Amazing!


I can't figure out how it works but it's so satisfying to turn. I scrambled it and managed to get it back to solved within a few minutes but I didn't have any strategy since I can't figure out the patterns.

Note the size. It's bigger than a standard 3x3

I recommend it as a neat variation on the 2x2

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