QiYi Mastermorphix (Standard)

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The QiYi Mastermorphix is a very popular 3x3 shape mod! This item moves very smoothly and also features a frosted stickerless color scheme that is scratch resistant and vibrant.

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Customer Reviews

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Very Good Cube!

So, I wasn’t sure if this was just going to be a pyraminx by another name, but, it was cheap so I decided to buy it. Turns out it’s way more challenging than a pyraminx and if I’m not mistaken more challenging than a 3 x 3. I think I solved my 3 x 3 for the first time quicker than this puzzle. This has been a very big challenge for me for whatever reason. I decided to get a second one so that I could take it apart because I just really couldn’t tell which pieces were the center. Turns out that was a great idea because I can figure out the effect of an algorithm so much quicker if I can take the puzzle apart, put it together worked and then do the alg and make notes on what happened with it. That being said, I have taken this cube apart at least 35 times and I still haven’t had anything to pop out or misbehave in any way. it still turns well. not as good as my one that I haven’t taken apart yet but it still turns just fine. I have an idea than when I quit taking it apart and can do a proper lub it will go back to feeling just like the cube I haven’t taken apart yet.


Its a fun hard puzzle that is apparently just a 3x3 cube

Gagik G.
Hard shape mod

Pretty hard 3x3 shape mod. If you are looking for hard shape mod, this is the one to buy.

Dawson C.
Would recommend.

For the price I would say it’s amazing. However if you don’t line up the puzzle, it won’t turn. But that’s not to say that all shape mods turn perfectly when the cube isn’t lined up and this quality is not as bad as you would think for this pyraminx. As some have said it’s also a challenge, but very fun. Again would recommend if you’re looking for a challenge.

Ps. I will say the cube becomes just another cube that you can speedsolve with ease when you practice a bunch. But my friends and other people think that Jesus is back when I solve it lol :)


It’s nice and a challenge

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