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MoYu WeiLong Skewb Magnetic (MagLev)
MoYu WeiLong Skewb Magnetic includes popular features found in modern speed cubes which separate this skewb from the rest! MagLev Magnetic repulsion technology Core springs are replaced with two magnets on each side Increased turning speed Layers "glide" more easily Key features Purple...
$ 19.95
X-Man Wingy V2 Skewb Magnetic
X-Man Wingy V2 Skewb Magnetic is packed full of customization options that you do not see in other skewbs! Key features Adjustable magnet strengths (5 settings) Adjustable spring compression (5 settings) Adjustable tension (5 settings) Overview Easy-to-use customization system Smooth, controllable...
$ 22.95
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