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MoYu RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic
MoYu RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic is arguably the best bang for your buck and is no surprise that it is our best-selling speed cube. Tip: Improve stability and magnetic feel with our easy-to-install Magnet Upgrade Kit ($1.49) and Magnetic Core Conversion...
$ 8.95
YuXin Little Magic 3x3
YuXin Little Magic 3x3 has stood the test of time and is still the preferred choice of some beginners after its release in 2017. Overview Dry, loose feeling Flexible mechanism Note: The factory stickers are not up to our standards but...
$ 4.95
HOT Seller
YJ YuHu V2 Megaminx Magnetic
YJ YuHu V2 Megaminx Magnetic is the first megaminx in this price range to come equipped with magnets from the factory! The moderate-strength magnets add a nice weight to the puzzle which helps to improve the overall stability of the...
$ 12.95
HOT Seller
1x1 Speed Cube
Are you up for the challenge? Impress your friends and family and flex your speedcubing skills with the 1x1. In all seriousness, this gag gift is the perfect present for anyone cuber or non-cuber. The included keychain allows for you...
$ 2.95
GAN Mirror Magnetic (Standard)
GAN Mirror Magnetic puts a modern spin on a classic puzzle! Key features Factory magnetized with 48 magnets Excellent corner-cutting Adjustable tension settings Purple plastic paired with purple/blue metallic color-shifting stickers Overview Solves like a 3x3 but by shape, not...
$ 24.95
YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic
YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic is easily the best value 6x6 available today! Why we love it - Fast, smooth turning - Stable mechanism - Improved turning accuracy through the help of strong, factory-installed, magnets - Durable factory stickers (Black plastic...
$ 24.95
YJ Pocket Timer
The YJ Pocket Timer is speedcubing's first touchless timer! Through the use of infrared technology, this little timer can accurately sense motion to start/stop the timer which is great for on-the-go solving when space is limited. The Pocket Timer has...
$ 9.95
YJ MGC 7x7 Magnetic
YJ MGC 7x7 Magnetic is certainly going to be one of the most popular 7x7's available in very little time! The MGC 7x7 does a great job of capturing YJ's signature turning feel and consistent magnet strength throughout all 7...
$ 34.95
HOT Seller
Cube Display Stand (V3)
Features Cosmic, UniCube, and Supernova logo. Looking for a cost-effective way to display your favorite puzzles? Pick up a cube display stand and enjoy the flexibility of displaying a different design whenever you want simply by rotating the cube stand...
$ 0.79
QiYi 2x2x3
The QiYi 2x2x3 is the first cuboid to come from QiYi! Traditionally 2x2x3's have always been very catchy, slow, and hard to use but QiYi has changed that. This new design features rounded pieces and a beefed up mechanism that...
$ 5.95
DaYan TengYun 3x3 Magnetic
DaYan TengYun 3x3 Magnetic is by far DaYan's best modern release to date. The TengYun offers a smooth, fast and slightly scratchy feel accompanied with medium strength magnets to assist with stability and flow. Out of the box, this puzzle...
$ 25.95
MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 3x3
The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 3x3 is a fantastic option for someone looking for a lower priced speedcube! The turning is smooth and the stable mechanism responds well to speedsolving!
$ 3.95
MoYu MeiLong 3x3 Magnetic
MoYu MeiLong 3x3 Magnetic has remained one of the most popular 3x3s since its release in 2020. Version comparison   V1 V2 (Lite) V2 (Standard) V2 (UV Coated) Weight 69g 65g 65g 66g Exterior finish Frosted Frosted Frosted UV Coated Accessories Yes None...
$ 6.95
YuXin Treasure Box
Keep your treasure safe! The YuXin Treasure Box is a fully-fuctional 3x3 puzzle but has a hollow center that can store small objects! How to open: Solve the puzzle, press down on the white center piece, twist the white layer...
$ 12.95
QiYi Mirror Blocks
The QiYi Mirror Blocks is based off of one of the most popular 3x3 shape-mods to date. QiYi's take on this puzzle resulted in ridiculously smooth layer rotations and stunning stickers. We also were excited to see two new plastic...
$ 5.95
QiYi Clock Magnetic (Standard)
What was once a meme is finally here, QiYi has finally perfected their first version of a clock puzzle! This clock is by far the highest quality option available which is quickly noticed when using the puzzle. Featuring a total...
$ 34.95
Cyclone Boys Metallic 3x3 Magnetic (Standard)
Cyclone Boys Metallic 3x3 Magnetic is a must-have for any speed cuber! Key features Strong factory-installed magnets Overview Metallic plated exterior Plastic interior for smooth turning Incredibly fast turning feel
$ 17.95
Color Brick Speed Cube
The Color Brick Speed Cube is a fun, unique speedcube for everyone! Don't be fooled by the appearance, this is actually a fully-operational, smooth turning speed cube with an adjustable screw/spring core and corner-cutting of up to 45 degrees! The...
$ 9.95
QiYi QiMeng Plus Big 3x3 9cm (Non-Magnetic)
QiYi QiMeng Plus Big 3x3 9cm (Non-Magnetic) is a larger-sized 3x3 that functions very well as a speed cube despite the increase in size! To our surprise, the QiMeng Plus corner cuts and turns very well and is able to...
$ 6.95
Mini 1cm 3x3 - World's Smallest Cube!
CubeLab has done something amazing and created the world's smallest 3x3 available for retail sale! This cube comes in at only 1cm and is fully functional! Pick up a 1cm cube and have fun comparing it to everyday objects and...
$ 7.95
QiYi 1x3x3 (Spinner)
Introducing QiYi 1x3x3 Spinner! This awesome stress-relief twisty puzzle has dual functionality as a fully functional 1x3x3 Floppy cube and a fidget spinner! The ball-bearing spins super fast and is very quiet making this the most enjoyable fidget spinner that...
$ 12.95
MoYu Puppet Cube (I)
The MoYu Puppet Cube I may look simple but don't be fooled! As you twist and turn this puzzle you will find the true challenge through added centerpieces! Puppet Cube II also available (click here) Size: 56mm  |  Weight: 75g ...
$ 5.95
GAN 356 i3 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube
GAN 356 i3 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube is the most advanced smart cube yet to come out of the GAN factory. Key features Numerical GTN system (GAN tension nuts) Adjustable strength magnets Gyroscope technology allows movement tracking LED charging indicator...
$ 62.95
Glow in the Dark 3x3
This item does not include stickers. If you would like to shop for a set of compatible stickers, click here.  NOTE: This item does not come with a box or plastic wrapping. From our experience, some light surface scratches are...
$ 4.95

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