JPerm RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic

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$ 24.99
Damage Protection No
Exterior Coating
Add Ons None
JPerm Cube Bag
Martian Lubricant
Lunar Lubricant

Love JPerm? Now you can get a replica of his main speed cube, the MoYu RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic, and support the

JPerm YouTube Channel at the same time!

Set up to JPerm's specifications, the core is lubed with Lunar to dampen spring noise and increase turning speed while the pieces are lubed with Weight 1 and Lunar to achieve a manageable, fast feel. The spring compression is set to 7 clicks.

This cube features exclusive JPerm packaging and logo.

We contribute $5 to the JPerm channel for every cube sold.

Why does JPerm love this cube?

"The RS3 M 2020 is a great mix of speed and stability, with a very responsive feel. I've found that setting up the cube to be relatively fast makes it much easier to learn and execute new finger tricks!" -JPerm

Key features
  • Spring compression system (9 settings)
  • Frosted exterior for improved grip (Stickerless (Bright) only)
  • Customizable feel
  • Smooth, fast turning
  • Stable mechanism
Accessories included
  • Spring compression tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Display stand
  • Spare compression piece

Customer Reviews

Based on 396 reviews
I love this cube

I’ve had this cube for 2 years now and the quality is still amazing and it has great reverse and Normal corner cutting I highly recommend it especially with the j perm set up the only problem I’ve had is the sticker getting nasty

Gabriel D.C.
So good

It is a great option. Turns super smooth.

Matthew E.

It’s got great corner cutting & lubes are extremely useful

Gavyn B.
Good Corner Cutting

Great Speedcube and amazing corner cutting i would highly recommend this

chase c.
awsome and smooth

the jperm rs3m is one of the best choices I have made in buying a cube. the cube is super smooth out of the box and is very controlable and an awsome main if you take control of it you will need to lube it when it gets dirty or just get a rag and take it apart.

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