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X-Man Volt V2 Square-1 (Fully Magnetic)
X-Man Volt V2 Square-1 (Fully Magnetic) is a fresh update of the popular Volt square-1. Key features: - Improved design for stability - Metal locknut to prevent core stripping - More durable locknut design - Factory-installed magnets in the slice,...
$ 19.95
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X-Man Flare 2x2 Magnetic
The X-Man Flare 2x2 Magnetic is a breakthrough in 2x2 technology! The Flare is the first 2x2 to feature adjustable strength magnets allowing you to pick between a light, moderate, and strong magnetic feel. The turning of the Flare is...
$ 14.95

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YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic is a smash hit and even rivals higher-end 2x2 speedcubes despite the low price point. Overview Dry, fast turning Flexible, stable mechanism Controllable Accessories included Springs Washers Magnets
$ 9.95
GAN 251 2x2 Magnetic (Leap)
GAN 251 2x2 Magnetic (Leap) is a 2021 update that builds upon everything you loved in the previous GAN 251. The leap version features adjustable magnet strength and adapts the corner/core magnet system from the GAN 11 M Pro along...
$ 39.95
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