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YuXin (Rabbit) 2x2
YuXin Rabbit 2x2 is an adorable 2x2 shape mod that solves just like a standard 2x2 except you need to reconstruct the rabbit's body instead of solving by color! This adorable bunny belongs in everybody's collection!
$ 14.95
YuXin Digital Puzzle Cube (2x2)
YuXin Digital Puzzle Cube 2x2 is an interesting take on the traditional Rubik's Cube Pocket 2x2 that offers new functionality! Key features Numbers on each face are held on by magnets Overview Solve by color Remove one of the magnetic number "tiles"...
$ 24.95
YuXin Petaminx
YuXin Petaminx is a challenging 9x9 dodecahedron with a modern, easier to uses design! Key features "Dimples" on pieces for improved grip Concave design
$ 189.95
YuXin HuangLong 14x14
YuXin HuangLong 14x14 is the first non-pillowed 14x14 to hit the market featuring rounded edges paired with a smaller size to create a more comfortable solving experience.
$ 249.95

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