Getting set up for club discounts

SpeedCubeShop loves to support the cubing community in all capacities including schools and clubs! If you would like to be set up with a 15% club discount, please contact us and provide us with the following information about your club:

  1. The school or institution hosting the club
  2. Letter on school letterhead from teacher in charge of club
  3. The amount of active club members
  4. The location of the club
  5. Activities that the club hosts or intends to host

    Easy solve guides and curriculum

    We have developed an easy to understand solve guide that has a 100% success rate. If you would like a free PDF copy of our solve guide along with follow along videos, contact us and we can provide that you free of charge.

    Workshops with SpeedCubeShop staff

    If your club is local to Las Vegas, NV or within a reasonable travel distance (~5 hours) it is possible to arrange for us to meet with your club and help host workshops for beginner and advanced solvers. Still learning how to solve the cube? No problem, we can help club members learn how to solve the cube using our easy solve guide. To inquire about a workshop, contact us.

    Placing an order

    Upon verification of your club, a 15% discount will be added to your SpeedCubeShop account. You will be able to contact us whenever you need to place an order to have your a custom invoice emailed containing the 15% discount.

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