VIN Cube 4x4 Magnetic (UV Coated)

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VIN Cube 4x4 Magnetic (UV Coated) is the re-birth of the extremely popular YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic with some upgrades to improve on the already great performance!

UV Coating
  • High gloss exterior finish, improved grip
Key features
  • Larger "gaps" for better corner-cutting
  • Widened edge pieces for improved stability
  • Fast, smooth turning feel
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

SpeedCubeShop is now sending out the new and improved version of this cube for anyone wanting to know. The original version had some quality control issues that this new one has completely resolved. Hope this helps!

cerfer7 q.
better than the mgc, get it!!!!

this cube has a sandy feel out of the box and is on the perfect tensions. it has ok corner cutting, which is what you an highly expect from a 4x4, and the bag feels too good ( of course who cares about the bag) it has strong magnets in my opinion. with the right settings I made it not t pop. I would get this cube, equally to the aosu WRM, I am not an accurate turner + aggressive turner. it suites me well, get it once again. ( btw it is also my 2x2 main)

I’m reviewing this cube again.

This cube needs way more attention. Like I said it’s way better than the Mgc plus other 4x4s I’ve tried. The mgc is a great price but this cube is also a good price and it’s better. This cube brand came out of nowhere and it already has the best 4x4. I can’t wait for future Vin cubes. Also if you add some lube this cube is so buttery smooth with a nice clack.If you read this review spread the news: this is the best 4x4.

Asher P.

This 4x4 is the modern MGC 4x4. This cube is really amazing, feels like the mic with upgrades, and has uv coating!!!

Donald M.
Excellent cube..

Nothing about it not to like.

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