What are customs Duty charges?

Customs Duty is a tax charged on all products that are imported into your country. Per the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (2019 Edition), there is no duty fees for "puzzles of all kinds; parts and accessories thereof".

What is VAT?

VAT or "Value Added Taxes" are taxes that may or may not be placed on your imported shipments depending on the value of your shipment. VAT charges will vary from country to country and are calculated based on the value of your shipment. For more information regarding VAT we recommend checking with your country's customs agency.

Who is responsible for paying Import Taxes?

The importer (person or business) receiving the shipment is legally obliged to pay for any and all import VAT placed on their package.

Why wasn't I notified about Import Taxes ahead of time?

Import VAT's and fees are charged on a case by case basis and do not affect all international shipments. Whenever possible, you will be contacted in advance by the shipping company or a customs agent with an estimated Import Tax cost prior to your package being assessed by HM Revenue and Customs. Please note that this is not a guaranteed service by the shipping service and they are often not aware of any applicable charges until after the package has been delivered.

Why is my shipment being held at customs?

Sometimes customs will require more information from the importer (person or business). It is always best to contact your country's customs department to determine what information needs to be provided to have your shipment released.

Refusal of package

If the recipient refuses delivery of the package and any associated import fees and those fees are charged to our shipping account, those fees and any return costs will be charged to the recipient in the form of an invoice or by deducting the amount from the recipient refund.

Additional Customs Duty & Import Tax Resources

Duty & Import Tax laws may vary from country to country. Below are some resources for specific countries.


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