DaYan NeZha 5x5 Speed Cube First Look

DaYan NeZha 5x5 Speed Cube First Look

Ari Ari
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The legacy manufacturer, DaYan, is back with brand new speed cube, this time a 5x5 going by the new name "NeZha". Cameron takes a look at what this new 5x5 from DaYan is all about.


The DaYan NeZha 5x5 is available in stickerless with primary internals, and has moderate strength magnets. It will be priced at $37.95 at The puzzle weighs 114g which is a bit lighter than other 5x5s available currently.

There are no adjustment systems present in this cube, instead a traditional spring and screw is found under the six center caps.


Included with the puzzle is a cube bag, screwdriver and cube box. Curiously, the cube box is not the most functional of designs, as the two halves do not seal together. Finally, there is a bag of extra, stronger, springs included with the puzzle.

Performance and Feel

One thing the DaYan 5x5 does well is [its] effortless turning feel, and it's not very exhausting because it's such a light weight.

The corner cutting while good is a little hit or miss.

Cameron Brown 2022

Cameron experienced some catching issues at the relatively loose factory tensions.

The magnet strength is moderate, with the inner layer magnet strength being stronger than that of the outer layers'.

It's pretty quiet, it's just kind of hard to turn at speed without the cube being at least lubricated or tensioned.

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