GAN Mosaic Cube Bundle

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GAN Mosaic Cube Bundle makes it easy to turn your favorite pictures into a beautiful cube mosaic to put on display!

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 Key features
  • Included display case can tilt at various angles for the perfect look
  • 6x6 size case can tilt between 58 and 68 degrees
  • 10x10 size case can tilt between 45 and 90 degrees
  • Display cases can be joined together with a "Manget positioning joint" (matching sizes only)
  • Display case has slots to allow wall mounting
  • Each set includes either 36 or 100 mini 3x3's (black plastic with colored tiles)
  • 6x6 set = 324 pixels
  • 10x10 set = 900 pixels
  • Display cases can be displayed on their own via a stand that pops out of the back for various angles
  • Set of cubes (36 or 100)
  • Display stand (holds 36 or 100 cubes)

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