Peak Cube S3R 3x3 Magnetic | New Manufacturer

Peak Cube S3R 3x3 Magnetic | New Manufacturer

Ari Ari
1 minute read

We have a new speed cube manufacturer entering the twisty puzzle space! Peak Cube have released their brand new S3R Magnetic 3x3 - read on to learn more.

Key features

  • Independent spring and tension adjustment
  • Interchangeable contact parts to change the turning feel

The interchangeable contact parts are particularly interesting, as this is a first from any speed cube manufacturer!


  • Buttery smooth turning feel
  • 3 tension adjustments
  • 2 spring adjustments
  • 2 contact surface options

Accessories included

  • Storage bag ($2.95 value)
  • Tension pieces
  • Harder springs
  • Additional contact surface parts
  • Cleaning cloth

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