DianSheng Solar S 3x3 | New DianSheng Flagship!

DianSheng Solar S 3x3 | New DianSheng Flagship!

Ari Ari
1 minute read

After months of waiting, DianSheng have finally released their newest flagship 3x3, the DianSheng Solar S 3x3!

With the Solar S 2x2 being available since July, the 3x3 features black internals similar to the 2x2 - a trend of which has been quite common in 2021 twisty puzzle releases with QiYi and YuXin releasing black plastic internal puzzles as well.

The Solar S 3x3 does not feature any form of adjustable system, neither spring nor magnet, but does come with a second set of center caps with a slightly different design.

The puzzle features

  • Buttery smooth, fast turning
  • Stable design
  • Interchangeable center caps 

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