What is a Magnetic Core? Corner Core Magnetic Speed Cubes

What is a Magnetic Core? Corner Core Magnetic Speed Cubes

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Magnetic speedcubes are commonplace in modern speedcubes, however newer magnetization techniques and arrangements have been created by manufacturers in recent times. What is corner core magnetization? Read on to find out.

Standard Magnetization

Standard speed cube magnetization places 3 magnets in each corner and two magnets in each edge piece, to allow the layers to align, creating a "snap" at the end of each turn. This is especially helpful in competition environments, where turning may be more inaccurate than usual due to nervousness.

Lots of speed cubes feature standard magnetization as it is relatively cheap for manufacturers to implement and without magnets, isn't considered as viable especially in 2021.

Corner Core Magnetization

Corner core magnetization, otherwise called a magnetic core, is usually used in conjunction with standard magnetization. Each of the 8 corners has a magnet in the stalk of the corner, which aligns with one of 8 magnets that are in the center. This reduces the feeling of the "snap" at the end of each turn, reducing the amount of effort required to turn and allowing for turns to be executed more fluidly. Some may find corner-core magnetization's effect more effective than others.

GAN were one of the first to implement the corner-core magnetization, with their 2020 flagship the GAN 11 M Pro and 11 M Duo. GAN cut down on the overall weight of the cube through the puzzle's piece design to compensate for the extra weight added by the extra magnets, resulting in an extremely light puzzle, with the 11 M Pro weighing in at a mere 63g.

GAN have continued to use this type of magnetisation in their 2021 flagship, the GAN 12 M, which features even more magnets with MagLev instead of springs - read more about MagLev here. They have also extended the length of the magnets in the corner stalks, with the 12 M boasting "30 degree auto-alignment" as a result

Other manufacturers are yet to implement corner-center magnetization, although 3rd party Cubers Home have created modified magnetic core versions of MoYu and X-Man Design's flagships, the WR M 2021 and Tornado V2 M respectively.

Speed Cubes

GAN 11 M Pro 3x3

GAN 11 M Pro 3x3

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GAN 11 M Pro 3x3 is GAN cube's 2020 flagship model and has continued to be the choice of many speedcubers since its release. The great thing about the GAN 11 M Pro is that it is great for any… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

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