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QiYi WuQue 4x4 review 0

In our new wave of big cubes, we finally get a new 4x4! This is the QiYi WuQue, the first 4x4 from one of the big players we've seen in a while and the one touted to be the AoSu killer. Can it accomplish its steep charge?

  • Karl Zhao

MoYu WeiShi 6x6x6 review 0

For the past couple of weeks we've been in a new wave of newer, better big cubes as cube companies update their lineup. This is the MoYu WeiShi, a new 6x6x6 from MoYu designed to succeed the AoShi. How well does it live up to that task?

  • Karl Zhao

Cong's Design Meichen Skewb review 2

This one's been coming for a while, hasn't it? The Cong's Design Meichen was a pretty anticipated Skewb teased months ago. We hadn't heard much about it since, until it was dropped on us a few weeks back. Let's see if it lives up to the hype, shall we?
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MoFang JiaoShi MF5S 5x5x5 review 3

MoYu's been adding a lot of subbrands lately, but as of now the only one that seems to be trying to come out with a full lineup is MoFang JiaoShi, or Cubing Classroom. As we remember from our budget 3x3x3 roundup, MoFang JiaoShi's first attempt at a 3x3x3 was a strong refresh of the venerable GuanLong and stacked up well to current competitors on the market, even if it didn't definitively beat them. So how good is their attempt at a 5x5? Let's find out.

  • Karl Zhao

QiYi WuShuang 5x5x5 review 1

To set a baselineĀ for some big-cube reviews that might come up soon, I'm going to take a small step back and look at a cube that was released not too long ago. This is the QiYi WuShuang, everyone.

  • Karl Zhao

Cyclone Boys FeiChi 3x3x3 review 0

That worn logo. Clearly this cube has seen a lot of use.

Today we get into our first full 3x3x3 review! Since most of the big new releases have already been covered, we're going to be taking a look at a new release that so far has not received much attention at all: the Cyclone Boys FeiChi. Does this cube deserve more exposure than it gets?

  • Karl Zhao