MoYu RS3 M 2021 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev)

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Martian Lubricant

MoYu RS3 M 2021 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev) is an update of our best-selling 3x3 -- the RS3 M 2020.

Tip: Improve stability and magnetic feel with our easy-to-install Magnet Upgrade Kit ($1.49) and Magnetic Core Conversion Kit ($9.95)!

MagLev features
  • Magnetic repulsion technology
  • Core springs are replaced with two repelling magnets on each side
  • Faster turning feel
  • Layers "glide" more easily
Key features
  • Spring compression system (9 settings)
  • Frosted exterior for improved grip
  • Customizable feel
  • Smooth, fast turning
  • Stable mechanism
Accessories included
  • Spring compression tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Display stand
  • Spare compression piece

Customer Reviews

Based on 241 reviews
Vignesh R.K.
the best cube

I feel this is by far the best cube for beginners in the advanced level and for people whose times are getting increased because of their cube. This cube is fast and controllable. once u switch to this you can never go back.

Gabriel S.
It’s a good budget cube

It’s really nice


Amazing speed cube. I’m new to cubing, and this is so affordable for the quality and feels better to me than a Rubik’s Cube


Going from a cheap cube to a super fast maglev cube has been great for my times. i went from averaging 45 seconds to now averaging 32.

Cube itself is great but...

If you're buying lube service and you deliberately choose the slowest option because you personally don't like super fast cubes then you're out of luck because hidden behind a link it provides details on the service where the slowest option does not include core lubrication. This means that you are left with extremely loud and annoying grinding noises coming from the springs.

I think this is super misleading as lube service should cover all areas that need it. Lube type and lube service should be separate options so no matter what speed you want you can still get the same service. I'm forced to buy extra lube just to fix this issue.

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