MoYu WeiPo WR S 2x2 Magnetic

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MoYu WeiPo WR S 2x2 Magnetic is a highly customizable speed cube with a unique turning feel.

Key features
  • Adjustable magnet strength (5 settings)
  • Dual-adjustment core (4 settings)
  • Dry, hollow turning
  • Easily customizable
Accessories included
  • Core-adjustment tool
  • Magnet-adjustment tool
  • Screwdriver
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Customer Reviews

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Mike P.
Best I've Tried

I'm not the biggest 2x2 fan, but this is the best 2x2 I've used. After I set it up it was pretty good at corner cutting, fast and smooth. Out of the box it was crisp, papery and pretty fast. I had to slow it down a little bit to make it more controllable. Overall, very happy with this cube.

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Out of the box, this cube was not that impressive. That doesn't do much justice though, because almost every time I've gotten a new cube intended to replace my main, I liked my old main, that was set up, better than my new cube, out of the box. I immediately started playing with the settings to better the corner cutting. The first problem is that you can't actually get great corner cutting on this cube. The other problem is that corner twisting is easy. It took a while, but eventually, after adjusting the springs, screws, and magnets, lubing the core and pieces, and breaking it in, I actually got the performance pretty good.


Out of the box:
Corner cutting: Max: 1 piece(45˚)[bad] At ease: 1/2 piece(22˚)[bad]

Corner twisting: easy[bad]

Feel: fast, dry, hollow, airy, tactile, bumpy

Reverse corner cutting: Max: 2/3 piece(30˚)[good] At ease: 2/3 piece(30˚)[good]

After setup:
Corner cutting: Max: 1 1/5 pieces(53˚)[pretty good] At ease: 2/3 piece(30˚)[okay]

Corner twisting: moderately hard[good]

Feel: controllable, wet, hollow, airy, tactile, bumpy

Reverse corner cutting: Max: 4/5 piece(36˚)[great] At ease: 4/5 piece(36˚)[great]


Do not take off the cap on the red, white, and blue corner (the corner with adjustable magnets in it) as sometimes the magnet adjustment mechanism can explode and you have to find the tiny little mechanism pieces and put them all back together in the cube.


Overall I think this is a cube with good everything, however, there is a tiny gap left where the cube cannot corner cut. This is true on almost every cube, but since the reverse corner cutting is so good, and the regular corner cutting is bad, the gap is in an area that is more common to be corner cutting in, so you will get more lockups while solving.

I hope this review helped you :)

New main 2x2

This 2x2 is a perfect balance of smooth turning and flexibility and corner cutting. Definitely better than the MGC. You should get this if you need a new 2x2. It will instantly be your main.

Great 2x2

Great cube but how to change the magnet settings are a little confusing since there isn't a pamphlet explaining how to change the settings of the cube.

Good cube but bad hardware

Good for the price but it has bad spring noise as well as breaking on me the first month of using it. Good cube, but please be careful with it.

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