DaYan GuHong Pro 3x3 Magnetic (55mm - MagLev)

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DaYan GuHong Pro 3x3 is available as a standard magnetic or MagLev option across three different sizes.

MagLev features
  • Magnetic repulsion technology
  • No springs required
  • Faster turning feel
Key features
  • Auto-alignment turning (~15 degrees)
  • Magnetic core corner/core magnets for a better, more controllable turning feel
  • 5 tension settings (no tool required)
  • "Anti-stick" piece design
  • Smooth, fast turning
  • Frosted exterior finish
Version comparison
Standard MagLev
Tension settings 5 5
Auto alignment 15 degrees

15 degrees

Magnetic core Yes


Exterior finish Frosted


MagLev No


...

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Currently main this

I thought the 54mm one because i wanted to get into OH but oh my is it good ,my previous main was MoYu WRM2021 Maglev. I love this cube its really smooth and controllable!!!
When you go ahead and clean your cube if a center piece pops off completley it is not broken when i cleaned it for the first time i thought that aomenting broke but it is just due to design

Great OH cube

This cube is amazing just as a speed cube but this specific one is great for people like me or kids that have small hands get a better grip on this cube and turn it easier. I love this cube <3

Michael S.
Great quality for the price

I got the 55mm maglev. When I bought this I wasn't expecting it to be that good, but it turns really well, it came with lube already added, and an it definitely one of the best budget cubes out there. 5 stars

Ok Cube

It's an all right cube. There's five tension settings, one being the weakest five being the strongest even five is still pretty loose. Get a lot of overshooting and lock ups

very controllable and fast

I got it as a third cube and it was very good it is my favorite cube i've gotten I went from tornado v3 and this is a huge upgrade

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