DaYan GuHong Pro 3x3 Magnetic (55mm - Standard)

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$ 16.95
Damage Protection No
Lubrication Service
Exterior Coating
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Add Ons None
Martian Lubricant
Stardust Lubricant

DaYan GuHong Pro 3x3 is available as a standard magnetic or MagLev option across three different sizes.

Key features
  • Auto-alignment turning (~15 degrees)
  • Magnetic core corner/core magnets for a better, more controllable turning feel
  • 5 tension settings (no tool required)
  • "Anti-stick" piece design
  • Smooth, fast turning
  • Frosted exterior finish
Version comparison
Standard MagLev
Tension settings 5 5
Auto alignment 15 degrees

15 degrees

Magnetic core Yes


Exterior finish Frosted


MagLev No



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Really great budget cube!

I think this is a great cube for the price. It turns very smooth and has a good magnetic balance. I wish the adjustment system was better. I can’t really tell a difference between the compression settings and there is no tension setting to tighten the cube.

The Perfect Cube!

This is probably the best cube I’ve tried so far, it easily beats the GAN 13 and the Tornado V3. I haven’t really tried the new MoYu releases but I’ve never really been a fan of those cubes in the first place. This cube on the other hand is really cheap and really good. Definitely using this at competitions. New main Ahoy!

Very nice cube for the price

I got the 55mm maglev. One of the best cubes I’ve tried for $20 and less, plastic feels great in hand, magnets are not too light but responsive and make the cube clicky and controllable the groove patterns on the side add a great feeling. Personally I would consider using this as a main over my weilong v9 BC. I’m about a 19-18 sec solver for some context.

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