DaYan GuHong Pro 3x3 Magnetic (54mm - MagLev)

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DaYan GuHong Pro 3x3 is available as a standard magnetic or MagLev option across three different sizes.

MagLev features
  • Magnetic repulsion technology
  • No springs required
  • Faster turning feel
Key features
  • Auto-alignment turning (~15 degrees)
  • Magnetic core corner/core magnets for a better, more controllable turning feel
  • 5 tension settings (no tool required)
  • "Anti-stick" piece design
  • Smooth, fast turning
  • Frosted exterior finish
Version comparison
Standard MagLev
Tension settings 5 5
Auto alignment 15 degrees

15 degrees

Magnetic core Yes


Exterior finish Frosted


MagLev No


...

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Luke J.
Awesome cube!

Top 2 cubes in my collection.
The only better cube is the WRM V10.

Fast and loose, yet perfectly controllable.

This cube is fantastic! It's very fast and light, making it incredibly easy to turn, yet it snaps into place with the decently strong magnets. I got the 54mm because I have small hands so it works out wonderfully for me. I totally recommend this cube!

W cube

Frick the guy that rates it 2 stars, he’s buggin

Big disappointment

I recently bought this cube and I was really exited, because this was my first serious speedcube. I did the first few turns, which were really good, but it was a bit loose so I tried to turn up the compression. The very second I turned the dial, the maglev compression system popped apart. All the pieces came off including the center pieces and the maglev compression dials. I tried to fix it for a while, but it was no use. If it was the cube, or it was damaged in shipping, I don't know. This is something I didn't see in in any youtube videos or reviews, so I want to bring this to your attention. Do not buy the maglev version of this cube. It will break if you use the compression system. Otherwise, it had good turning. It sort of felt like a tornado V3 I tried once. If I only had $15, I would but the spring version.

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