YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic (Standard)

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YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic is the first 4x4 in the MGC line! If you are a fan of fast turning, the MGC 4x4 is definitely for you! The turning is incredibly smooth and the outer edge pieces are widened to improve stability. The mechanism provides a lot of flex and has a very loose feel out of the box.

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Best for speed solving

The YJ MGC nxn lineup is my recommendation for competition big cubes and 2x2. I main the YJ MGC 2x2, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 in my WCA collection. Having the same feel for all my WCA puzzles makes it easy. Turning is very nice and these don't lock up like other brands I've owned. You should buy them all!

My new main

this cube is so amazing, i cant put it down! its easily my new main and my new reason for being sleep deprived. i would give ten stars but i cant

Great 4x4

I upgraded to this 4x4 and I'm glad I did. The turning is smooth and the magnets aren't too strong. Great price for anyone new to the 4x4.

Ayden K.
Awesome cube!

This 4x4 is absolutely amazing! For only $20 it’s absolutely amazing out of the box! Great turning, great corner cutting, just great overall. This 4x4 made solving and improving on 4x4 much more fun!

Really good 4x4

It is very smooth lockups are rare and it is my main currently whould recommend

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