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QiYi M-Bag V2
The QiYi M-Bag V2 makes taking your favorite puzzles with you easy and stress-free! V2 is more durable and made of better materials that are guaranteed to help you look your best and keep your puzzles and accessories stored safely.
$ 19.95
MoYu Backpack
The MoYu Backpack is perfect if you like to take your cubes with you on the go and look good doing it. Featuring a split design, you can use the removable foam inserts to make different arrangements for your puzzles...
$ 39.95
Cube Forever Backpack
Cube forever with QiYi's new heavy-duty backpack! This sleek backpack isn't just for show - it offers three storage compartments total and interior storage perfect for puzzles and accessories.
$ 34.95
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