GAN 11 M 3x3 Magnetic

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The GAN 11 M 3x3 Magnetic is here for those who want the feel of the 11 M Pro version without all of the fancy magnet stuff!

The 11 M is the same design as the 11 M Pro except it does not come equipped with the "corner/core magnet system" nor does it include adjustable strength magnets.

You do still get quite a bit of adjustment through the GES Pro core system which allows you to independently adjust the stability of the 11 M and the spring compression.

If you are looking for all of the bells and whistles and a fancy "Pokéball style box", you can shop the GAN 11 M Pro (click here)

Included extras

  • Additional GTN (GAN Tuning Nut)
  • Shell case
  • Cube bag
  • Beginner & CFOP tutorial
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Raul R.
Great starter GAN

For a 20$ cube, this GAN is amazing out of the box. The tensioning is a little wierd so read the pamphlets


The magnets work amazing the corner cutting is over the top and I got a sub 5 second solve thanks to its fast turning!

Bethany S.
Get the general feel of GAN, without the price.

Was pretty good out of the box, not what I expected, compared to 11 pro but is still pretty good. my only complaint it that it has weird magnets, they don't pull the cube into auto-alignment, but click when turning. If you're new to cubing and want to get the general feel of most GAN cubes, this is for you.

Cut my time in half

I had been using a crappy fake "speed" cube from amazon before this, and I thought it was pretty good. turning this cube once completely changed my perception of what a good cube is. I had been averaging 1:30 to 1:45 with my old cube, and literally a day after getting the Gan 11 M I cut that time in half. Best 22$ I could spend on a cube. (it was on sale)


Really easy and fast to turn, easily customizable

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